Saturday, 23 February 2008


This updating lark is getting easier!

#5 - Wear something I knit outside the house. I plan to wear my Milla top for a job interview (see below). Only finished it today and I am so happy with it!
#14, 32, 35, 53, and 91 all begin on March 1st. So that's teeth brushing, daily walks, in bed by 11, 3 pints of water a day and keeping my bedroom tidy. S'not so hard.
#17 - My right hand has 2 nails left. Every other nail is short. Damn it.
#24 - Did driving and turning left and right yesterday, so I'm getting better!
#33 - I made a start on collecting the clothes I don't want tonight, I'll finish off tomorrow and take them down town.

That's your lot, March looks like it's going to be a busy month!

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Hildie said...

Growing my nails is on my list too.... you can do it!